1979 Halifax, Nova Scotia

1980 Calgary, Alberta

1981 Calgary, Alberta

1983 Halifax, Nova Scotia

1986                 Toronto, Ontario

Vocals and Sax – Marion Lydbrooke
Guitar – Elaine Stef
Guitar and backing vocals – Susan Sturman
Bass Gaby Van der Velde
Drums Rita McKeough

Played together in Toronto from 1986 to 1988. Rita McKeough and Gaby Vandervelde came from Calgary in 1986 from the band Mode d’emploi. Elaine and Marion had played together in Vancouver in the Moral Lepers and Susan Sturman from Recorded in Toronto 1987 with Michael Phillip WojewodaLinks
Elaine Stef
Susan SturmanDemi Monde – 30 Years
Demi Monde – Back On The Streets
Demi Monde – Phoney Soldiers
Demi Monde – The Great Men Sleep
Demi Monde – Shop Till You Drop

1997 Halifax, Nova Scotia

1998                 Halifax, Nova ScotiaThe confidence band in this configuration played in Halifax for two years.
All songs were written by Matt Reid.Matt Reid (vocals, keyboards)
Stephen Kelley (guitar)
Rita McKeough (drums)
Lucas Damberg (clarinet)
Rebecca Young (bass)
Alex Fraser (trumpet)
Rosie Sharples (trombone)Confidence Band – I Love You

Formed in 2007     Calgary, Alberta

Dianne Bos (keyboards and vocals)
Richard Brown (bass and vocals)
Rita McKeough (drums)
Harry Vanderlist (guitar)

Books All Over The Bed – Where

Based in Calgary, Alberta

Richard Brown (guitar and vocals)
Rita McKeough (drums)

Sleepy Panther – Day After Sunday